Asset Lustrum 2018

In the autumn of 2018, Asset is celebrating her 10th birthday! The 2nd lustrum will be celebrated throughout the year with several important dates in prospect. To give you an impression about these lustrum activities, you can find the activities with the accompanying dates at the submenu program.

To celebrate the 2nd lustrum in style, the theme of the lustrum will be “Decalogue”. This theme will recur throughout all the activities. Learn more about the lustrum theme at the submenu theme.

Here you can find a short overview of our activities upcoming autumn:

  • Asset Lustrum Kick-Off Party on Thursday, September 20 at "Café Polly Maggoo", Tilburg     *subscriptions open august 17th*
  • Asset Lustrum Gala on Saturday, September 29 at "Kasteel Aldendriel", Mill                              *subscriptions open august 17th*
  • Asset Lustrum COdE on Friday, November 16 at "Koepelhal", Tilburg                                          *subscriptions open october 1st*

We hope to see you all upcoming autumn!

If you are an active member, you can subscribe yourself at the departments website. Don't worry if you are a passive member, you can still attend at the COdE and the Kick-off Party! Then you should pick up a ticket at building E at the relevant department of Asset. 



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