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During the summer of 2008, all study associations active at Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) merged into one overarching faculty association: Asset. This to combine forces and with that, serve the TiSEM student even better than before. In 2019, Asset and MAK mentorship systems integrated to become one single organization. With this integration, we aim to serve the TiSEM student even better than before with regard to study support, career development, social cohesion and the mentorship program.

In total Asset has over 5000 members that are divided amongst seven departments, which can be found here. Each Asset department organizes activities for specific groups of students with a particular field of study and interests. At the same time, Asset takes care of the so-called study-exceeding activities. Study-exceeding activities are organized for all TiSEM students and are not aimed at a specific field of study. 

The goal of Asset is to provide services and activities for its members to optimally support them in their student life at Tilburg University. These services and activities represent the pillars on which Asset is based:

Providing study support

Asset organizes several study supporting activities that are indispensable for students at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management. These include, but are not limited to: cases, guidelines and a 10-15% discount on your study books.

Being an intermediary between students and companies

Asset offers students the possibility to get in touch with potential future employers. Every year Asset organizes the Economic Business weeks Tilburg and the Master Experience Days. The departments of Asset organize program specific career events. In addition to these events, Asset strives to be a valuable link between the student and the vast supply of Job Opportunities through its online Career Platform. Simply visit

Closing the gap between theory and practice

To get insight in the real (economic) world, Asset organizes the Business Night and Food for Thought sessions. Departments offer symposia and readings in their respective interest fields. 

Organizing social activities

Asset organizes several informal and social activities such as the COdE cantus, the pre-carnavalsparty and the Asset gala. This is a great way to get in touch with people from all the departments. Departments also offer many social activities to get in touch with people following the same study program as you do. 

Asset has about 800 active members who organize all these activities and services. As an active member, Asset offers you the possibility to enhance your organizational, planning and team working skills. Besides this, being an active member is also a great way to get in touch with people and to make new friends. Do you want to improve your student-life and become an active member, click below to see an overview of all the committees!

Committee Overview


Within Asset Tilburg we have several departments, under which the studies of TiSEM are divided. As Asset member, you are welcome to join any of the departments. 

Joining a department is easy, just specify your interest field in your account and you will be matched with the corresponding department. 

To find out all about the departments, visit the departments page by navigating in the menu or clicking on the button below.

To the departments!