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We are ASSET - the study association for all TiSEM students studying at Tilburg University. Our mission is to provide you with the needed study support, career orientation and personal development as well as all tools needed for your personal development while boosting your social life.

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Interested in doing a board year?

Board applications for becoming the Independent Chairman of Asset Tilburg are now open!

During a board year at Asset Tilburg you develop yourself in many ways. You will have the opportunity to expand your social network, get acquainted with potential future employers, gain practical knowledge and, above all, have a lot of fun!

As the Independent Chairman, you work together closely with 9 other chairman, and 40 other board members who all have their respective responsibilities. Together, you are the face of the association, and you will manage it as such! 

Together with your fellow board members, you come across lots of different challenges and situations, which can help you develop yourself for your future. 

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Benefits of becoming a member of ASSET:

  • A 15% discount on all English study books and a 10% discount on all Dutch study books purchased in our bookshop
  • Discounts on many activities organized by Asset and the Asset departments
  • Guidelines for only €3 instead of €7
  • Discounts at several partner companies such as de Vrienden van Tilburg and Locked Escape Rooms, check them here
  • Access to all of our career events
  • You receive mailings from companies that can help you with your future career

The goal of Asset is to provide services and activities for its members to optimally support them in their student life at Tilburg University. These services and activities represent the pillars on which Asset is based:

  • Providing study support

  • Being an intermediary between students and companies

  • Closing the gap between theory and practice

  • Organizing social activities

Asset has about 900 active members who organize all these activities and services. As an active member, Asset offers you the possibility to enhance your organizational, planning and team working skills. Besides this, being an active member is also a great way to get in touch with people and to make new friends. Do you want to improve your student-life and become an active member, click below to see an overview of all the committees!

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Simply visit and select your field of interest to quickly find out all Career Opportunities and Career Events in your area! You can also visit the Company Profiles tab to read about the many interesting partners that Asset collaborates with. 

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