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Integrity Committee

To advise the General Board on integrity matters the association has an Integrity Committee. This committee handles formal complaints regarding unwanted or unacceptable conduct. They handle this complaint independently from the General Board and will not report any contents until they have a final anonymized advise for the board so they can take the final decision without prejudice. The integrity committee ruling that describes the complete procedure can be found here

They will also report to the board on integrity matters prior to a General Members Meeting and give policy advice regarding the handling of unacceptable behavior within the organization. Should you ever see or experience something that you wish to file a complaint about you can do so with the Integrity Committee. A confidential contact person can help you to do so and explain the procedure. They are also the ones to talk to if you are in doubt or simply want to have a chat about what happened. You can read more about them below or here.

Mark van Wijgerden


Afrom van Berg


Noortje Zegers


External Trustee Contact Persons

Next to our board members that are trained as confidential contact persons Asset also has two external contact persons. They have no ties to the organization and have no relation to the General Board or department boards. If you ever see or experience anything during an activity or in general related to our association that you wish to talk about they can help you further. They can help you to understand the situation, provide advice on options available or just provide a listening ear if you ever feel the need. Our confidential contact persons will never share any information with anyone without your explicit consent. You can read a personal introduction for each of them below and find their contact information to schedule a coffee or call.

External Trustee Contact Persons

Suzanne Gerris

Contact Person

Stijn Wijsman

Contact Person

Stijn Wijsman

+31 6 34243339

My name is Stijn Wijsman, 25 years old and living in Breda. In the past I've been a board member at Asset, but currently I'm working for some years already. Besides work I love travelling, am a big fan of football, like to fill my summers with (music) festivals and I'm passionate about craft beer, cooking and the combination of both.
Always open for a conversation about whatever might be bothering you and together look for the best way forward. Don't hesitate to reach out via WhatsApp or give me a call on the number displayed above.