Ski Trip 2019 – Trip to Sauze d’Oulx (Italy)

Ski Trip 2019 – Trip to Sauze d’Oulx (Italy)

In the afternoon Saturday 19 January, a group of ski-loving students left Tilburg by bus, headed towards Italy. 46 students signed up for this year’s ski trip, and what a trip it has been. After a long 13-hour drive, we arrived in Sauze d’Oulx on Sunday morning. While it was cold, everyone got excited to ski. Not long after everyone installed themselves in their rooms, we went towards the skiing area. It was there where people discovered the après-ski. Nice beers and delicious food had been ordered by most of us. On Sunday evening, we all went to a restaurant whereafter a pub crawl was organized. Here, everyone got to know each other better so that on Monday, groups were formed in order to ski or snowboard together. On Monday evening, the ski trip committee organized a cantus where nice songs were sang. On Tuesday, everyone went skiing again. By the time everyone was getting tired, a pubquiz was held where people had been put together in groups in order to choose the right answers to the questions. It was group 1 that won the quiz and they were handed a nice bottle of Jägermeister afterwards as reward. On Wednesday, it was almost time to go home but we still had 1 full day to ourselves. As usual, during the day, people went skiing and snowboarding, but in the afternoon we had a really nice après-ski party, organized by SKIFEST. By the time it got really cold, a bus was ready to pick us up and take us home to our apartments. Sadly, everyone had to clean up their rooms since we had to leave the room at 8am on Thursday. Even though, we had to leave our own rooms, everyone still wanted to ski during our final day. Unfortunately, we had to leave Italy behind in the evening, where we headed back towards our beautiful Tilburg. After 5 days of skiing, snowboarding, après-skiing and enjoying life in the beautiful Alps, we arrived in Tilburg on Friday 7am. People said goodbye to each other and everyone returned peacefully to their homes to catch up some sleep and re-live this amazing ski-trip.

On behalf of the ski-trip committee, we want to thank each and everyone of the students that joined us on this ski-trip and we hope to see you all again next year!

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