Hackathon 2020

Registration Link: https://www.asset-sbit.nl/event/hackathon2020/

Asset | Econometrics, Asset | SBIT & D.S.A. Pattern are pleased to organize the Hackathon Tilburg 2020 in cooperation with Ab Ovo! Ab Ovo will give you the opportunity to gain insights in the type of problems that they are solving on a daily basis for their customers. On this day you will meet company professionals, improve your programming skills and apply your knowledge in a business case. The best team will receive a price and a recommendation on their LinkedIn profiles.

Case description


The From the Egg company provides day care to children from 0 through 3 years old. From the Egg is planning to open a number of new day care centres.​

They have already found a number of suitable, potential employees to supervise the children. Moreover, many parents have already indicated that they cannot wait until their child(ren) can join From the Egg!


From the Egg knows which day care groups they would like to start at each location. However, their administrative assistant is not sure how to assign children and employees to these groups. ​

The problem is that day care centres need to satisfy many rules and regulations. These rules prescribe the number of staff members on a group with certain numbers of children in certain age groups. This makes manual planning a cumbersome and error-prone process. Moreover, even though there are long waiting lists for children to join From the Egg, some of their other, existing groups just do not seem to be profitable, and From the Egg does not want to make the same mistake at their new day care centres.

Therefore, the boss of From the Egg is asking you for help. He would like you to automate the process of assigning children and employees to day care groups. From the Egg does not have their own computer servers, nor are they able to afford expensive licensed software.​

Luckily, you know that the cloud is a development environment to build applications, so you propose to model their solution as a micro service, in the cloud.


Is this only for software developers?

No, everyone can participate. That is why you also work in teams. You and your team will first have to design how to solve the puzzle in the best way. After that, you have to implement this into software. Each team does need at least one person that can write some Python. If you like, you could do a crash course in Python upfront. You could email us to ask for suggestions.

Do I need cloud experience?

No experience or specific knowledge is required on cloud technology. We will provide a pre-configured cloud environment for your Python code. Ab Ovo employees are available to support you during the hackathon.

Took place on September 22, 09.00h
Online (MS Teams)
Participating companies
Ab Ovo

Participating Associations

Asset | SBIT

Asset | Econometrics

D.S.A. Pattern



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