Asset Champions League

Done with all the hard studying this academic year? End this academic year with your friends at the last informal Asset event of this year: The Asset Champions League! Show off your football skills, compete with other Asset departments and take home the first prize, together with eternal glory for your department!

Some practical information:
- The event will take place at OVC'26 in Stappegoor
- There are plenty changing rooms available
- Participating is free!
- Want to join us for dinner? We have a fries truck available for the costs of €7, which includes fries and 2 snacks.
- Beer, wine, sodas, grilled cheese sandwich and a 'worstenbroodje' are all available for 2 euros.
- If you want to play some ballgames in between matches, please bring your own. The available soccer balls are reserved for the matches only.
- Teams will be made by your own department
- The deadline for subscription is June 10, 17:00h

We would love to see all the champions at the Asset Champions League 2019!

June 18, 10.30h June 18, 22.00h
Registration Deadline
June 10, 17:00h

Organised by:

The Events Committee

Subscription Form

To participate in this event, you should be an active member of Asset

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