Asset TOP Mentor


Here you can register to become an Asset TOP Mentor. This has the following great advantages:

  • A beautiful red “Chique” shirt

  • Free entry and free beer at the Asset TOP Party

  • Breakfast on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

  • Discounts at Cafe Polly Maggoo

  • A TOP-week survival package (with many goodies)

The Asset TOP Mentorship costs only 15 euros per person of your group, so it is a bargain!

After registration, you will be contacted for a brief infosession regarding the mentorship.

There are still a few spots for Asset TOP Mentors left, so there is an extended deadline untill the 14th of July!

Took place on August 19, 09.00h May 25, 06.00h
Registration Deadline
July 27, 23:59h
Registration for this event is closed...
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