Introduction Activity: Marketing

On the 9th of February Asset | Marketing will organize their traditional ‘Beer Olympics’ event will take place! So get ready to compete with other students to become Beer Olympic Champions! 

What can you expect? There are a couple of beer games divided through the Polly, you can score points at every game and in the end the team with most points will be crowned as champions. Last but not least, you can bring a +1! This could be a friend, roommate or whoever you'd like to bring!

Note: Due to the current measures from the Dutch government regarding COVID-19, you and your +1 will need a valid Covid-19 QR code in order to participate.

Make sure to register here now!


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Took place on February 09, 19.00h
Registration Deadline
February 06, 23:59h
Polly Maggoo


You can register here!

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