Become the Chairman of Asset!

Meet Sasha van den Hoek, he is 21 years old and is from Venray. He is currently studying Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation. He describes himself as Formula 1 fanatic and he enjoys power lifting in his free time.

Within the board he takes the role of Independent Chairman where he is responsible for coordinating the association and ensures that the yearly policy goals are reached. As chairman he is the face of the association and the connecting link between the association and external parties such as the university, other associations, and strategic partners.

If you want to know more about the position of Independent Chairman reach out to Sasha via email [email protected] or come by his office at Esplanade (E1.21).

December 12 August 01

In order for our current chairman to be able to provide you with more information about his position, we would like to ask you for some contact details.

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