GENERAL BOARD 2020 - 2021

From left to right

Richard van der Vlist             Treasurer
Pieke Heunen                         Media Coordinator
Michelle Roelofs                     Brand Manager  & Vice Chairman  
Freek Prinsen                          Public Relations Officer
Joshua Stassen                       Independent Chairman
Juul Schuurmans                    Acquisition Coordinator
Ilse van den Bosch                 Chairman of MAK
Stan Den Teuling                    Events Coordinator
Stefan Beltman                       Secretary

GENERAL BOARD 2019 - 2020

From left to right

Elle van der Heijden              Promotion Coordinator
Allard van Hees                     Treasurer
Eveline Huckriede                 Chairman of MAK
Yannick Bos                           Project Coordinator
Quien Vermeulen                  Media Coordinator   
Stijn Wijsman                        Events Coordinator 
Denise Jacobs                        Acquisition Coordinator
Bas Ramaekers                      Independent Chairman
Annelotte Vroon                    Secretary                                                             

GENERAL BOARD 2018 - 2019

From left to right 

Jelmer Scheurs                      Chairman of MAK
Stijn van de Laar                   Treasurer
Nikki van Emmerloot             Media Coordinator 
Peter Kerkers                         Events Coordinator
Lasse Blazejewski                 Independent Chairman
Jasper van Kollenburg           Public Relations 
Jody Rutjens                           Project Coordinator
Boyd Vosters                          Secretary
Quirien Raat                           Acquisition Coordinator  

General board 2017 - 2018

From left to right

Jochem Bruijninckx                       Secretary
Fabian Hendriks                            Promotion Coordinator
Krijn van den Broek                      Treasurer
Lina Segers                                    Chairman
Jordi Kerckhaert                            Media Coordinator
Renee Hekerman                          Acquisition Coordinator & Vice Chairman
Tim van de Loo                              Project Coordinator
Bart van der Lee                            Events Coordinator

general Board 2016 - 2017

From left to right

Jasper de Jong                      Promotion Coordinator
Saskia Nijman                       Study Support Coordinator
Frank Hendriks                     Media Coordinator
Joep Paumen                        Chairman
Timo Vugts                           Acquisition Coordinator & Vice Chairman
Stan Beulen                          Secretary
Linda Torn                            Treasurer
Jerôme Crijns                        Events Coordinator

general board 2015 - 2016

From left to right

Marije Verbeek                 Promotion Coordinator
Thomas Rockx                   CSR Coordinator
Dian van Rooi                    Treasurer
Thijs Kramer                      Acquisition Coordinator
Kelly Raadschelders         Media Coordinator
Jorrit Gommans                Event Coordinator
Martin Euwe                      Secretary & Vice Chairman
Evert Hoogsteen               Chairman



general Board 2014 - 2015

From left to right

Dennis Berens                     Events(I) Coordinator
Thomas Bijkerk                   Treasurer
Mark van Wijgerden          Chairman                  
Cleo Mauritsz                      Acquisition Coordinator & Vice Chairman
Yvet Roest                            Promotion Coordinator
Daan van Hulten                 Secretary
Bas Scheepers                     Events(II) Coordinator
Nick Bronckhorst                Media Coordinator

general board 2013 - 2014

From left to right

Coen Tomesen                       Treasurer
Suzanne Vissers                      Acquisition Coordinator
Martijn Heinen                       Chairman
Robbert Hornstra                   Secretary
Juliëtte van Haaster               Events (I) Coordinator
Laura Nout                              Promotion Coordinator
Sjoerd van Horssen                Events (II) Coordinator
Joep van Dingenen                Media Coordinator

general Board 2012 - 2013

From left to right

Koen de Rooij                         Promotion Coordinator
Joris van Twist                        Events (I) Coordinator
Sander Verberne                   Treasurer
Corné Ruwaard                      Acquisition Coordinator
Rowan Preesman                  Media Coordinator
Jasper Wierda                        Secretary
Bart Heuvels                          Chairman
Bianca Overveld                    Events (II) Coordinator & Vice Chairman

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