Are you interested in becoming the chairman of the general board? As chairman you are the face of the association, your board consists of all respective chairmen of all of the departments and sub-organizations of Asset. A lot of opinions and strong characters to manage! You are responsible for coordinating the association and ensuring the yearly policy goals are reached. You are in weekly meetings with people like our Vice-Dean, the Rector Magnificus, and other University personnel to report on and discuss the strategic direction of the association. As chairman you are the connecting link between the association and external parties such as the university, other associations, and strategic partners.  A year full of developing your skills and connecting with important people! 


Your day-to-day consists of working on large strategic goals, delegating and motivating the right people to do the right jobs, checking in on your board’s performance, putting out spontaneous fires, being the link between the university and your association, and leading meetings such as the general board meeting. In a lot of cases, people will come to you for a final say or ask you to put in motion the right procedures. The position prepares you to handle a lot of responsibilities with care and skill. 


As chairman you are always in contact with all board members, so you are part of a big family. You also get the “active member” privilege at all departments! Therefore, you are always connected and involved to the departments and sub-organizations of Asset! You get to connect with (board)members across all departments at their best activities and even cherry-pick those that you like the most ;).


Skills & Competencies needed

  • Social skills and networking ability

  • Negotiation and overall communication skills

  • Leadership skills and a team attitude 

  • Proactive attitude and decisiveness 

  • Strategic insight & Analytical mind

What you will learn

  • Task management, delegation and trusting your co-board members

  • Patience, a sense of priority and precision in projects and procedures

  • Balancing and hearing all different stakeholders whilst also being decisive

  • Developing a balance in your social and professional attitude

  • Advanced communication, negotiation and coordination skills

  • How to be a leader to a group with very different personalities

Are you interested in my position? Come by my office to the rooms at Esplanade (E1.21), you can reach me at [email protected]. Also, don’t hesitate to simply give me a text or call at 06-34630211 to get to know more! 

Applications will open later this year, stay tuned for more!

I am interested
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