Food For Thought #5: Krijn de Nood


‘Food For Thought’ are monthly interview sessions with the goal of engaging students in contemporary topics by means of interviews with prominent speakers. Through these interviews, students gain further insights into current issues in our society and business. It also offers a unique opportunity for building the bridge between students and representatives in top positions.


Introducing our fifth speaker, Krijn De Nood, the Co-founder & CEO at Meatable. Meatable is a Dutch biotechnology company that makes 100% real, guilt-free meat. They make their harm-free meat using a sample from an unharmed cow/pig and replicating the natural process of fat and muscle growth. Their goal is to revolutionize the meat industry's impact on climate change and animal welfare, while also increasing food security.

Join us as Krijn De Nood tells us about his story and how Meatable intends on making a change! 

Took place on June 16, 15.30h
Registration Deadline
June 16, 14:00h
Black Box at The Esplanade Building
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Symposium Committee

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